Black and White

EPL is about good old black and white (B&W) photography. For a long time, it was the only way to communicate through photography. For some of us in EPL, B&W is how we started off, while for the most of our young colleagues B&W means going back to true photography and its romantic and artistic allure. For some, going to B&W is complicated and difficult. We are here to help you discover the magic of B&W photography.

We at EPL work with the professional photographers, and also provide tutoring for those of you who want to learn or just to remember how they used to do photography. You can trust your 35mm, 120, medium 5x7in, 13x18cm, 8x10in, 18x24cm B&W film to our team – or even better, you can work with our team on developing your films.

Working with us at EPL, you will get genuine B&W prints of the highest, exhibition level quality. Your photos will have that consistent tone with strong blacks, detailed highlights and bright white base for awesome B&W photos.

We can produce B&W photos up to 50x60cm, or larger (as per specific request) for photo professionals who need large prints for exhibitions.

EPL uses RC or Baryte photo papers with a possibility of toning with selenium.

We provide help and recommendations for laminating and framing photos. (we have framing in Art Zone as well).

We use Ilford, Adox, Foma photo papers.


Photo papers